I am a Relationship Coach, helping men and women navigate all stages of LOVE! 

JudithJameson.orgFIND A MATE.

Are you struggling to find Mr. or Mrs. Right on Is it confusing? Hard to figure out? Are you not meeting like-minded “soul mates”?! I can help!



Is your relationship or marriage falling apart? Strained? Is the love now lackluster? Are you thinking “Why the heck did I ever marry this man/woman??!!”


During one of life’s most difficult times, I can walk alongside you. With nearly a decade of experience, I am equipped to coach and encourage you as you begin taking steps into your new life. Though it might be difficult to imagine stability and hope, it is possible. I know this from my own divorce as well guiding others along this journey.

If you are experiencing separation or divorce, I can relate. You are walking down a road you have never traveled before. Please trust that there are others who have successfully made it through this scary journey. Let me help you move from a feeling of emptiness to one of wholeness. Here at The Jameson Group, our services will help feed you emotionally, support you in accomplishing daily needs while empowering you to restore your confidence, energy and health. I invite you to look at our services. We offer flexible programs that involve individually tailoring services to your needs. This is not a cookie-cutter service!

We care deeply about you, and believe you will find these resources helpful and encouraging.

Please tell me how I can help you.

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