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April 7, 2018

I can't sleep divorce help

No kidding – you have a lot “on your mind” – literally – so telling your brain to stop replaying a bad conversation with your ex or a tough situation you have the next day with Little Billy’s teacher – just doesn’t happen automatically.

We need to train our minds to turn off. To deny that you are carrying a larger load than usual, is just being pig-headed. NOW is not the time to be pig-headed. If that’s just who you are, then this is the one timeframe in your life where THAT is just not allowed…..

Top 5 ways to get through this difficult time period without LOSING your mind, or what little you think you have left:

  1. TO DO Lists are your friend – don’t go it alone – if you don’t write it down, you WILL eventually miss a critical meeting or forget to pick your kid up.
  2. Exercise in the morning – it will get your endorphins and energy up for the day, allow you to run around as need be, thus tiring you out NATURALLY by the end of the day
  3. Create a routine – try (I know, easier said than done) to wake up at same time and get in your bed at same time – test after test has proven that even on weekends, this rhythm will allow you to awaken easier and to fall asleep easier
  4. Take melatonin, if need be – start with smaller doses – take it at least an hour before bedtime so it has time to take affect and then be IN your jimmies and bed BY the end of an hour, so you are ready to dose when it’s kicking in
  5. Don’t be a hero – if you are lying wide awake night after night, now is not the time to deny that you MAY need prescription sleeping pills, to get you through for the short-term

The more help and resources you enlist – be the one to ask for help, don’t be the one to constantly volunteer to help others – the better equipped you will be to handle this.

Remember, this is a phase – as a wise cousin always reminds me “Nothing lasts forever and this too, shall pass” – you WILL and CAN get through this, if you take care of yourself and focus on the NEED to get sleep.

Sweet dreams!