Providing hope & stability – one step at a time.

This season is a point on your life’s spectrum – it does not and need not define you.

A sad man sits on a bench with his head in his hands
“Being fearless isn’t having no fear; it’s moving forward in the company of fear.” – PathFinder

My view of separation and divorce is that one can only relate to others in this circumstance, if we’ve been there ourselves. I’ve been there. I get it. And the one piece of advice someone wise once told me during my divorce, that I hung on to was “nothing stays the same and this too shall pass.” She was right. And I’m here to assure you there is hope and healing in your future, and with my help you can move from victim to survivor!

I desired to create divorce coach & advocate services, because other than my cousin who “got it” from her divorce, I had nobody. I believe this is a crucial time for you. As a divorced, post-step parent, paralegal, I would love to walk alongside you and help you avoid more harmful and hurtful pitfalls while slowly establishing new hope.

I will meet you in whatever phase you are in. I then create a working plan that supports you, encourages you, and gets you from confused and bitter and broken to a better and healthier and stable NEW YOU!

ITS POSSIBLE. I admit it – I’m an enabler! And I’m proud of it! I want to EMPOWER YOU with honest and helpful plans – you’ll be surprised to one day hear yourself uttering “I can do his – I’m trying THAT today!”

My approach is personal. I’m strategic – I deliver holistic and proven techniques with my in-person meetings – you don’t come to my office and lie on a couch for an hour – I drive to you. Our meetings can take many different forms that most help you- for example, we may meet for lunch or at a coffee shop or your home or walk and talk in a park. I’m there for you and will offer relevant plans that we work on together. It’s innovative and all about shining a light on a path that brings you in to your future potential. I’m a builder – a divorce coach and advocate renovation expert, rebuilding lives, one day, one step at a time.

IT’S A TRANSFORMATION. This positive impact of my divorce coach and advocate services is spreading and like wild fire with clients. Don’t you wish you had me in your life? Yes! Admit it – I’m contagious – just ask my clients!

WHAT MAKES JUDITH TICK?! I’m authentic, rooted in real life, working with real people, going through real pain – that I really went through too. By the way, not just once, but twice… Yes, you read correctly!

Don’t do this alone. I’m results-driven, compassionate and experienced. I have methods that work and objectives that become realized with my clients. My approach is customized never cookie- cutter, helpful, built for action – just for you!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Call or email me now for a free consultation and explanation of how these divorce coach and advocate services will work of you.

Let me turn your bitter to better, help get you out of the confusion and into knowledge and a plan!

Let’s do this together – stability, hope, and healing, one step at a time.


Tell me how I can help you.


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